Tuesday, May 8, 2018

In Honor of Teacher Appreciation Day

My favorite teacher growing up was Kathy Kearnan.  Miss Kearnan was my 6th grade teacher and was the inspiration for two of the most important trajectories in my life, my love of world cultures and of writing. 

She always had us doing readings and projects in geography and history where we learned about other countries. I had a long stint in the Asia field academically and professionally (and personally, for that matter) that probably had its roots in that early curriculum.

One of the biggest projects we did all year was a class poetry book, where the students did everything from writing the poems to binding the books in cloth we prepared ourselves. Miss Kearnan brought out the poet in everyone, a lasting legacy for me and I’m sure others in the class.

On April Fool’s Day the class turned all our desks around while Miss Kearnan was out of the room.  She returned, supremely annoyed at the interruption, took away our recess, and assigned us Russian schoolwork (we hadn’t studied Russian before then) which we all diligently and grumblingly started on before we got the joke.

Perhaps most importantly, the way she nurtured our talents and skills gave me confidence in myself.

Miss Kearnan was a beautiful role model of a smart woman and a devoted teacher I was lucky to have.

Who was your favorite teacher?

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