Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Goodbye to Summer

Hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend.  Me, despite the nice weather I hated it.  Labor Day means the end of my favorite time of year, summer.  So I look back fondly now over this summer as it slips away:

Weekend afternoons at the pool.  Sometimes by myself, walking back and forth and doing water exercises, starting up conversations with acquaintances I see only at the pool. Sometimes with friends, draped languidly over our foam noodles talking about somethings and nothings.  Sometimes with wonderful music playing in the background and the delicious smell of burgers coming from the clubhouse restaurant.

Visits from family.  My dad came in mid July from Ohio and during his time here my son also came home from the Foreign Service in Brussels for a few days—so wonderful to see them both. A flurry of lunches and dinners including with my son’s dad and his family. 

Saturdays with Mom. On not-too-hot summer days she lounges on her scooter outside her senior apartment building chatting with neighbors, then scoots out to greet me as my car pulls in to the parking lot.  We go upstairs for a good gab and a couple of games of Upwords followed by whatever she’s brought home for lunch from her favorite place, Fresh Market. 

The beach.  I finally made it to the beach this summer after not having gone for several years.  Wrightsville Beach, with my friends Judy and Dana.  A long schlep to southern North Carolina, but good conversation and some hilarious side trips along the way.  Beautiful sandy vista of their daughter and her two little girls sitting at water’s edge.  Frolicking in the hotel pool.  Gobbling up lobster nachos at poolside on a chaise lounge with towels laid over the little awning above, desperate to avoid the sun’s penetrating rays.

Goodbye to water and fun and hello to always-too-short autumn and introspection.   Goodbye to summer and hello to the inevitable slide into cool then cold days and darker early nights. See you next year, summer.