Tuesday, July 26, 2016


You may already be familiar with this but if not, it’s a find for Kindle e-books and I love it!  BookBub sends book recommendations to your email inbox every day and all the books are free or just 99 cents or $1.99 instead of the usual $7.99 or more. You customize a list of book genres that are your favorites and you’ll get one recommendation in each category each day.  For example, I get women’s fiction, cozy mysteries, and memoirs.  See a book you like? Click and it sends you directly to the Amazon.com website where you order free or at the discounted price. (Set up One-Click buying at Amazon to make it a speedy experience.)

I’m getting so many books that I’ve disciplined myself now to order only the free books, not even buying the 99 cent ones. Of course BookBub wants you to become hooked on authors and order their other books at full price, and I suppose at some point I’ll break down and do that, but I have so many books backed up on my Kindle now I’ve got to read all those first. Some of the authors are well known in their genres; some are newbies and lesser-known authors. Of those I’ve ordered, a few e-books have been duds but most have been perfectly engaging and satisfying.  Go to bookbub.com and get started.  Tell me how you like it!