Thursday, December 13, 2012

Graduating with Grace

Last weekend I attended the very inspiring graduation of Empowered Women International’s current Entrepreneur Training for Success class.  The class included women with origins from all corners of the globe who faced immense personal challenges to make their dreams a reality.  Their dreams are to start businesses to support themselves and their families, to make a better life for their children, to honor family and friends who believe in them, to give their passion wings.  Empowered Women International helped them turn their ideas, creativity, and talent into personal power and entrepreneurial success. (Full disclosure—I serve on the advisory board of EWI—and you’ll be hearing a lot more from me about this dynamic nonprofit and its success stories.)

One graduate who left her mark on me and others in the room is Darlene “Grace” Allen.  Grace loves to write and writes to love.  She founded Oracle Ink “to serve as a global voice of healing and hope through inspirational and sacred products and performances.” In addition to offering greeting cards with heart, she’ll help individuals with customized writing services for special occasions and rites of passage (turning your tongue-tied sentiments into eloquent poetry and prose!), inspire with spoken word performances and messages recorded for posterity, and motivate with public speaking engagements.  

With her strong and beautiful presence she gave voice to the excitement and self-confidence of her fellow graduates with a poem, which I asked her to let me share here on “Grace in the Gray Areas.” Happy Graduation, Grace and the fall 2012 EWI Entrepreneur Training for Success class!


You leave your mark
everywhere you step
on everything you touch.

Incandescent trails
showing how you spent your time
and used your mind
beaming brightly to the world.

Marks which either add
to the making of a pearl
or the burning of a city.

You leave your mark
everywhere you step
on everything you touch.

Pursuing your vision,
keeps you from perishing.
Manifesting your vision,
is your gift to the world.

You leave your mark
everywhere you step
on everything you touch.


(C)2012 Grace Allen

(Reach Grace at 301-768-2304,

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