Sunday, November 21, 2010


I’d be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity of the holiday to say what and whom I’m thankful for.  Both the serious and the silly. I urge you to come up with your own list (and share some of it in the comments section of this blog)!  Here goes, with only the first few in any particular order…

For my son, who has become such a fine young man, as he starts to make his way in the world of adulthood, and who doesn’t roll his eyes at me as often as he used to.

For the rest of my family, especially for good and improving health.

For my friends Judy and Dana, whose warmth, humor, sage advice, and good food nourish me beyond description.

For my friend Elsie, who has done me the most extraordinary honor of naming me godmother to her smart, funny, lively daughter Annabelle.

For my friend Beth, whose move away I still mourn, and for our long phone conversations punctuated with booming laughter and lots of memories of good times together.  (Notably road trips on which we get to gabbing and laughing so much we have been known to veer hundreds of miles off course.)

For all of my other friends who are the woven-together blanket that keeps me warm and the carefully compounded medicine that keeps me sane.

For the new closeness to my young adult niece that has come this year, an unexpected blessing.

For my son’s father, and his wife and their spirited and adorable daughter, and his sister, who are my extended family, too. 

For my neighbors whose beautifully groomed gardens frame my haphazardly maintained rock patio, and who are so kind with things like shoveling my walk after the snow.

For the squirrels that scamper around my neighborhood and especially the one outside my front door I say hello to each time I walk outside. (I’d like to think it’s the same one each time.)

For Mother Nature’s generosity for one of the loveliest and balmiest autumns in memory.

For Facebook’s facilitating my reconnection with some special people from my past, although Facebook itself is really getting on my nerves. (Good morning, what new crazy-driving feature will be there today when I open it?!)

For Twitter, which I like a lot more than I thought I would.

For the return of scripted TV to the networks and cable.

For safety. 

For the fact that I have a job, when so many others do not.

For the beauty of art, and those who create it—visual arts, dance, music, theater, writing—because it lifts us up. And for those who fund it!

For blueberries, to which I’ve become addicted, and whose “superfood” presence in my diet allow me to pretend I eat healthily.  And for the fact the juicy wet blueberry that just fell on my chest as I ate while typing this fell on the purple part of my shirt, not the white part.

For books, and for the gift of sight that allows me to read them.

For flu shots.

For La-Z-Boy, for inventing the recliner. 

For the comma, an underappreciated and sometimes maligned little curlicue. You are always there for me; there’s no one else like you; I can’t live without you.

For no significant new surprises this year in the effects of aging on the human body.  Well, maybe except for that one rogue hair on my chin…And the arthritis in my fingers. 

For WAMU and NPR and Pacifica Radio/WPFW, on one end of the spectrum, and Bravo TV on the other.

For flannel pajamas and fuzzy slippers. 

For people like Tina Fey and Ellen Degeneres, who make me laugh.

For the wombs of warm pools and for water yoga.

For my spiritual journey.

For my SunBox, which helps me get the sunlight I need in the winter when the season is not so generous with it.

For my son’s landlord, who still hasn’t installed the washer and dryer at his place, making my son come home for a few hours each weekend to do laundry.

For all the tail-wagging, wet-nosed-kissing doggies who allow me to stop them as they’re out for their walks, so I can get some doggie love.  Oh, and for their patient owners, too, who are sympathetic to the fact I am currently between doggies myself. 

For heroes, who give us hope.