Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hope Springs Eternal

Are you feelin’ it?  C’mon, I know you’re feelin’ it, too.  Everyone’s walking around with a bit of a skip in their step and a smile on their face.  Work’s still stressful, finances still lousy, the world’s still full of tragedy and sorrow.  What’s changed?  The sun is out.  The air has lost its bitter edge and is seductively warming.  Spring has sprung. 

Yeah, I know, hopefully I’m not speaking too soon. You can’t see me but I’m knocking on wood.  Yes, in the Washington DC area if you don’t like the weather, as they say, just wait 5 minutes.  We may still have some more ups and downs in temperatures, but there is no stopping it.  Spring has sprung. 

Yes, I’m still dealing with winter’s damage, to my holly tree out front and to my vulnerable container plants that had no deep roots in the ground to protect them from winter’s ravages.  And the damage to my psyche, which is also vulnerable every winter, particularly because of the shorter days and lack of light (my therapeutic sunbox notwithstanding).  I always fall into the trap of globalizing. I think I’m always going to feel this bad and then suddenly the oppressive weight of darkness and cold has lifted.  Spring has sprung.

We all awake from hibernation.  It becomes more attractive to go out in the daytime for some exercise, to go out in the evening for some socializing.  I’m more eager to rise and greet the day. My mom is sprung from her isolation, out cruising around on her walker again, stopping in at her favorite neighborhood shops, no longer having to worry about a rogue patch of ice sending her tumbling to a broken something or other .  Outside my window, the geese on the lake are wildly flapping their wings and bobbing under the water, bathing noisily rather than serenely gliding across the lake. Some fowl spring cleaning ritual perhaps?   But I get it! We’re all giddy! I feel like flapping my wings, too.  Spring has sprung. 

The metaphor of spring is so deeply nurturing if we can keep it in mind through the dark days of the year and the dark days of the soul.  No matter what.  Reliable beyond reliable.  Nothing can stop it.  Always, always, spring will come.  Enjoy the grace of nature and the never-ending circle of life.  Have faith.  

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