Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Websites and Other Firsts

My mother cracks me up.  After I emailed her to take a peek at my new website and first “soft-launch” blogging, she emailed me her feedback with the email subject line:  “Baby’s First Website.” I love it, both for what it says about my 81-year-old mom’s still creative mind and quick wit (which I like to think I’ve inherited some of), and for how true it is that our kids have milestones all their lives and will always be our “babies.”

Hmm…is this a business idea?  Most of those so-called “baby books” you buy to give as baby shower gifts end by the time the kid goes off to college, at the latest.  Wouldn’t it make sense to integrate a parent’s lifelong love and true experience of their child’s life into something more substantial?  A fat binder, perhaps, rather than a bound baby book.  With space for the other firsts in a child’s life.  The Good, the Bad and the Keep You Up at Night.

In addition to Baby’s First Website, a few suggestions for labeled entry sections, in no particular order:

Baby’s First Crush

Baby’s First Used Car

Baby's First Birth Control (hopefully before...)

Baby’s First Time

Baby’s First College Application Essay

Baby’s First FAFSA

Baby’s First Buzz

Baby’s First Heartbreak

Baby’s First Roach-Infested Apartment

Baby’s First Job

Baby’s First Speeding Ticket

Baby’s BFFs

Baby’s First Pet They Had to Walk and Poop-Scoop after Themselves

Baby’s First Fender Bender

Baby’s First Hair Coloring

Baby’s First Bad Break-up

Baby’s First STD

Baby’s First Gray Hair

Baby’s First Marriage

Baby’s First Divorce

Baby’s First Career Disappointment

Baby’s First Baby

Baby’s First Hot Flash

Baby’s First Midlife Crisis

Baby’s First Joint Replacement

Well, you get the picture.  And speaking of pictures, thanks to cameras in phones, camcorders and YouTube, so many more of these events will be captured in photos or video for posterity than you had ever—feared. What mother or father wouldn’t enjoy looking at this keepsake of parenting reality, pulling it out as they were in their golden years?  Best of all, they could use it to extort money from their children in exchange for not showing all the good bits to the grandkids…

Please feel free to add your own ideas for entries!

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